5 Benefits of Automatic Car Washing over Manual Car Wash

There are many small business owners who still use hand car wash method for washing cars. They believe it is more economical and environmental friendly when compared to automatic car washing. But, if you want to provide a professional and systematic wash service for your car, automatic car wash is the best option.

Today, different types of automatic car washing equipments that suits your budget and requirement are available. The most popular among these automatic car wash systems is the Rollovers and the Tunnel, manufactured by ISTOBAL, the world’s leading vehicle wash and care provider.

Below are some of the advantages of using automatic car wash instead of hand car wash. Once you are aware of these benefits, it will help you take a decision on whether to go for a manual car washing option or an automatic car washing equipment.

5 Benefits of Automatic Car Wash

  • Environmental Friendly: Automatic car washing is considered to be environmental friendly. If you try to wash your car manually at home, it will take around 150 gallons of water to wash your car. Not only that, the dirt and soap can pollute the environment where you live. When you opt for automatic car washing, you can save the consumption of water. Automatic car wash uses only 35 gallons of water and it won’t pollute the environment you are living in.
  • Zero Scratches: When you wash your car at home manually, you normally use sponges and car washing brushes. This can create small scratches on the vehicle, if not used properly. But, when you go for an automatic car washing option, there are zero chances of any scratches.
  • Increases the Value of Your Vehicle: If you use automatic car washing regularly instead of manual car wash, it can easily increase the market value of your car as your car will be looking new and is free from scratches and marks. Automatic car washing helps to preserve the paint and keeps your vehicle shinning all the time. There are a few automatic car wash equipments that do polishing when performing car wash. This will help your car remain new and free from tiny scratches.
  • Less Wastage of Water: As you will be using a lot of water when washing your car manually, there will be huge amounts of waste water. If waste waters are not transported correctly, it can cause serious health issues and can pollute your underground water supply. An automatic car washing system uses minimum resources and keeps the environment neat and clean.
  • Affordable: Till a few years back, many people believed that automatic car washing was a costly affair. But, in reality, automatic car washing is a more economical option compared to manual car washing. What’s more, automatic car washing helps to save your time. It will require hours of effort if you are going for manual car wash. But, automatic car washing can be completed within 5 minutes.


Automatic car washing is the best way to keep your car new and free from tiny scratches. There are many car care providers that use world class automatic car washing equipments that will provide the best car wash at the most affordable rates.