Basic Details About Chassis Body Swapping Of Vehicles

For number of reasons, people may consider a swap of chassis/body for their truck or classic car. Before you consider about this option, there are few areas that you must consider and give some thought.

Here let’s talk about general information regarding chassis/body swap. However, the same concept can be applied to any type of vehicle build where the body of car A is placed on the chassis of car B, which is originally not designed for this swap.

You must also be aware about few precautions, whether you are performing swapping action in your backyard with buddies, or in a well-equipped space using lift, etc. Try to do F100 chassis swap only if you have the skills to do it successfully.

Swap can be completed in number of ways

  1. Try to be little creative, but also be realistic. Though few well-planned swaps are completed within a week while few can be very complicated and offer you many unexpected challenges.
  2. Choose what you want to modify while doing this swap:
  • Custom fuel tank?
  • Make custom body mounts?
  • Steering?
  • Shorten the body
  • Shorten/Lengthen the chassis?
  • Suspension?
  • Wheel well tubs?

     3. Measure both vehicles:

Use any measuring tape and note down the following:

  • Firewall clearances and engine compartment
  • Frame length
  • Frame width
  • Fuel tank locations
  • Overall shape
  • Track width
  • The “dips” and “rises” in chassis rail

     4. Get clearances from car donor 

    5. Try to get Factory Service Manuals of the vehicles under question

    6. Play devil’s advocate:

Find out all the challenges that your project may encounter for which you have no solution. Look at every possible detail or anything which may force you to review your decision about chassis/body swap project.

The most important thing to consider is the measurement of wheelbase of both the vehicles. It must be as close as possible. Several mm can however be negligible. Any out of placement wheels will be easily noticed, particularly for lowered truck.

For any disparate wheelbase swaps, you may consider any other chassis for swap, or you may consider about adding any section to body in order to compensate. In case you are swapping any pick up on your chassis, it is easy to remove or add any part of the bed.

Generally, it is not recommended to lengthen or shorten any frame in the centre by removing or adding any section unless you want to customize it. Nevertheless, narrowing any chassis may make little sense in certain projects.

In case you have taken a project which are set on particular mismatched swap then maybe you just want to do the impossible task and try to make it possible. Therefore ensure that you are totally aware of what is involved and you have the necessary tools, time and knowledge.

Also, for such projects, you will need little more space, especially if want to do it within a couple of days or during the weekend. As both vehicles will be brought in fully stripped condition, very soon lots of debris will be generated and you cannot just dump them in the trash.