When Is The Best Time To Visit Atlanta

Atlanta is the place where people from many parts of the world like to visit. There are many things to see, many places to visit along with your whole family to spend a wonderful holiday. There are many restaurants with mouth watering dishes, and once you pay visit to this city then you will remember your holiday for many years to come.

There are mainly four seasons in Atlanta however this city is still known for having mild climate. Most of the tourists prefer to visit Atlanta during late May to August as for as outdoor activities this is the best time to visit Atlanta. Summer season can be pretty hot however spring and fall seasons are also nice time to visit Atlanta. During this time not only, the climate is a bit cooler, but also the hotel rates are lower. In case, you want further lower rate of accommodation then visit during winter. There is very little snow and hence you can enjoy biking or hiking. You can also engage yourself by playing golf or tennis.

Whenever you decide to travel, you can hire car service Atlanta for visiting different locations of the city as they will provide a driver who is familiar with all the routes of the city.

The month wise temperature and climatic conditions are given below and based on this information you can make your plan for your trip to Atlanta.

  • January

This is the coldest month of the year in Atlanta and the average low temperature is about 2ᵒC and the highest temperature is 8ᵒC. There is hardly any sunshine or snowfall.

  • February

Winter slowly recedes during this month and the temperature at night remains 3ᵒC while day temperature can be 12ᵒC. Climate becomes pleasant and there is occasional sunshine.

  • March

There is a slow transition in the climate and the day temperature may go as high as 17ᵒC and there can be occasional rainfall (about 5 inches) too.

  • April

Temperature continues to go up and during the day time maximum temperature can go up to 22ᵒC.  The minimum temperature can remain within 11ᵒC.

  • May

This is the spring season in Atlanta and the day temperature remains within 21ᵒC. throughout the day you will get sunshine. The average low temperature during this month is 16ᵒC.

  • June

This is summer month and the day temperature may remain average 20ᵒC. in spite of warmer season, you can go for various outdoor activities and spend your time in shaded area and enjoy picnic.

  • July

This is the hottest month of the year when the day temperature goes as high as 31ᵒC and average low temperature remains at 21ᵒC.

  • August

During this month the climate tries to change and the average temperature falls by 1ᵒC.

  • September

This is the last month of the summer season and the average high temperature is 28ᵒC and low temperature is 18ᵒC.

  • October

Climate becomes much comfortable with average higher temperature remains 22ᵒC and lower temperature is 12ᵒC.

  • November

During this month there is further drop of temperature with average day temperature is 16ᵒC while night temperature is 6ᵒC.

  • December

Another coldest month of the year when day temperature is 11ᵒC and minimum temperature is 3ᵒC.

With the above details you can decide the best time to visit Atlanta.