What You Should Know About Motorcycle Forward Controls

Have you ever considered adding forward controls to your motorcycle? Forward controls are becoming more popular among motorcyclists for several reasons. They offer riders the ability of controlling the bike from a more forward position rather than having the foot pegs, rear brake control, and shifter directly below the hips. It makes long-range riding more comfortable, and it also presents an aesthetic that many bikers find appealing.

If you’ve often thought you’d be more comfortable on your motorcycle with the controls moved forward, then you should consider converting to forward controls. There’s a straight-forward conversion that can be done by a mechanic or by a handy bike owner. Read on to learn more about some of the benefits of installing motorcycle forward controls on your bike.

More Room to Stretch

On a standard motorcycle controls set-up, your feet are on the pegs, which are directly below your hips. To keep your feet on the pegs with standard controls, your knees must be bent. While that’s not a big deal on a short ride across town, a long highway ride can become uncomfortable if you can’t safely stretch your legs. Forward controls allow you to do just that. You can keep your legs straighter without sacrificing control of the shifter and rear brake.

Easy to Install

While you may opt to have a professional mechanic install forward controls on your motorcycle, the installation is simple enough to be performed by anyone with a little mechanical ability and a few tools. The average bike owner can install the upgraded controls in anywhere from 2 to 6 hours depending on tools and mechanical expertise.

They Look Cool

Forward controls also have the non-functional benefit of giving your bike a laid-back aesthetic. When you ride with forward controls, your feet are more forward and your legs are straighter. That gives your bike and the rider more of an old-school style that is appealing to many in the motorcycle community.

Other Considerations

While many riders prefer forward controls once they get accustomed to them, they do present a difference in the balance of the bike and the feel of the controls. For example, with standard controls, your feet rest on the pegs and you shift or brake by pushing up and down. Once forward controls are installed, shifting and braking are accomplished with a push and pull motion. Most bikes are designed for optimum balance and center of gravity with standard controls in place. When forward controls are added, that balance can shift slightly, so some riders must acclimate to the new feel of the bike. Finally, unlike standard foot pegs, forward controls can be used to stand upright on the bike. For many who prefer the comfort and roominess of forward controls, that is a small price to pay.

If you own a bike and enjoy long rides, you may want to consider motorcycle forward controls for your bike. They’ll give you more room to move, are easy to install, and present a paid-back aesthetic.