Must See Sights in Paris

Do you have a trip to Paris on your bucket list?  France is a stunning country, and Paris is truly the city of love! You could spend a year in this amazing city and still not uncover all the amazing sites. If you’re schedule only allows a week or a few days, there’s plenty to see and do. Follow these suggestions from the travel experts to ensure your trip is a huge success filled with memories to last a lifetime. Paris is a pedestrian city and as such, plan to walk miles and miles each day to take in all the sights. If possible, plan your trip during the off season – Paris can be a very crowded city. Take advantage of all the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select a pair of comfortable and fashionable walking shows from the terrific selection available from Barneys.

Paris is divided into arrondissements, or neighborhoods. It’s strongly recommended to book accommodations in the arrondissements adjacent to the Seine for convenience to the major sights and for safety. Paris is a large city and has its unsavory sections just like any other large metropolitan area. The major attractions, from the Arc D’ Triumph to the Notre Dame Cathedral and Eifel Tower are all accessible along the Seine. Take the time for an evening stroll along the Seine and find one of the small quaint bistros that line the tiny streets of the Latin Quarter. The art in the Louvre and views from the Sac Le Coeur can’t be beat.  The key is to not rush through the streets but to take in all the sights, sounds and smells. There Luxemburg Gardens will lure you in and you’ll never want to leave. Grab some cheese and a bottle of wine and enjoy people watching from one of the stunning areas in this huge city park. Some refer to it as the Central Park of Paris. Take plenty of photos, try new foods and enjoy the adventures of a lifetime in the lovely city of Paris!