The pros and cons of long term rentals

There are different reactions and feelings to car rentals. On one side, some love the thrll of renting a car they would not afford uner normal circumstances while on the flip side, others do not see the logic behind owning a car you actually don’t own. Car leases can either be short term and long-term Long term for convenience. The reasons for getting a long term rental range from not having a car to having a car and not wanting to put more mileage on it (for re-sell value purposes).

Who uses long term rentals?

  • Those going on business trips. If it lasts over two weeks, it is advisable get a rental. No one would like to put the extra miles on their own car and normally the company foots the bill for a rental.
  • With a long term rental, they do not have to be dependent on family and friends or use public transport. This makes it a convenient way to get around and enables them to get the most of their vacation.  For those who have two homes and during the winter relocate to warmer climates, this is also a must-have.
  • University students. They are the most mobile long term rental customers since they are always going somewhere new or trying something. They mostly rent during the summer when they are going home, meeting friends or working somewhere off-campus.
  • Those moving to a new city or state. Those people making this transition often opt to rent out as they try to find footing. After they settle down and get their finances in order, they may buy a car.

Pros of long term rental

  • With long term rentals you have freedom of choice. You can pick cars that fit your tastes and needs. You are also free to swap if need be.
  • They are a more convenient and cheaper alternative to public transport. A long term rental is also hassle-free compared to public transport which you have to wait in line for, may delay and could in turn get you late.
  • No return or contract renewal is required for the rental period. Once the monthly agreements are filled and signed, you are automatically billed the monthly payments.
  • You get to save on what you would have spent on maintaining and servicing your own. The long term car rental Los Angeles also offers free washes and detailing amongst other freebies.
  • You save more if you rent for longer. If you intend to rent for between a month and 11 months, you save big on your rental. What’s more, you are not subject to mileage restrictions.

Cons of long term rental

  • You may be tempted to splurge on the car of your dreams. Although it is cheaper to rent than to buy, you have to pay for your own fuel. This one way you may incur extra costs. You should leave room for this.

Unfortunately, though you are making an investment, it is not something you will own at the end of the day. However, if a car is not for you, a long-term rental would be ideal regardless.