How to Select Any Perfect Welding Machine?

If you are interested to do welding at your home or interested to learn about this trade then you can find wide range of welding machines available in the market. There are few high-end welding machines too.

If you are interested to buy a welder then it is important that you must understand about different welders that are available, which can also give you better prospect in future for employment.

Here are few guidelines to choose any welding machine for your project.

  1. Assess the type of metal

Welding is preferably done on carbon steel as carbon steel can easily manage excess heat and therefore, in case you are little novice in welding then no damage will be done.

Stainless steel is also a good material as it can resist corrosion. Any TIG or MIG type of welding machine will be suitable and also does not need high amperage like carbon steel.

For aluminum, you will need uniform heat supply so that weld pool may not dry out due to high heat conductivity. Therefore, for aluminum you will need more complex welding machine from Everlast.

  1. Establish the right amperage

Usually, the cost of any welding machine will depend upon the current that it can generate. Thicker the metal it will need more amount of amperage.

Therefore, for your project, if you need to weld a thicker metal then you have to prefer a high-end MIG welder machine.

For welding a thinner metal, however you will need a sensitive welding machine that can offer right quantity of heat that is necessary for the weld.

  1. Select an ideal site where to do welding

Also, you need to choose any right site for welding where there is provision for suitable stable power outlet so that your welding machine can run without creating any problem in the surrounding area.

Certain welding machine may work with single phase power supply while some of them may also need 3 phase supply too. You need to ensure availability of the power supplies.

  1. Refer to specification sheet

By referring to specification sheet of the welding machine, you can understand a number of things about the welding machines. This can also help you to differentiate between any run of the mill kind of welder with any special kind of welder.

Duty cycle is one such parameter that you need to check from the specification sheet. It represents the amount of welding that the welder can do within a time limit of 10 minutes.

In case, you exceed the duty cycle limit then, it can possibly damage the internal circuit of the welder.

  1. Analyze the requirement of compressed gas

There can be different requirements for compressed gases for different kinds of machines. Argon, oxygen and carbon di oxide is the mostly used compressed gases for most of these welding machines.

Therefore, you need to choose your welding machine based on the easy availability of the type of compressed gases in your area.